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Custom powder coat colors on loudspeaker outriggers
Custom Powder Coat
Custom colors are available, please email if interested.


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B&W N804 Outriggers with speaker spikes

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Proven Stability and Sonic Improvement

Made from 1/4" solid steel bars with brass cones our outriggers provide unequivocal stabilizing and precision leveling not found with standard speaker spikes. The improvement is immediate from the creation of a larger and more stable footprint. Costing the same as some speaker spikes alone there is simply no reason why you shouldn't upgrade today.

Designed to mount to your speakers with NO drilling, unless your speakers do not have inserts already installed, which most do.

Why Choose Our Products?

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have and we'll respond ASAP.

We continue to hear from our customers how much more they received in the product than expected. These outriggers are built with 1/4" HRPO Steel and all brass floor cones! From the speaker sizes and setups seen in the gallery photo's you can tell these are industrial grade quality but with a very functional design and approachable look. 

Thinking of selling your speakers? Attaching outriggers will give your potential buyers the confidence that the speakers sold will take minutes to "dial in" on set-up and will be rock bottom stable.

We ship Internationally!

Please allow us (1) week to assemble and ship your order. On occasion we will need a little longer and will let you know right after we receive your order if that is the case.

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